9 mar. 2013

Hey there!

We're Claudia and Debby, and this is our new project! Yes, Becoming a Missionary project, we want to help YOU in your preparation. Here you'll find some cool stuff.
We have been talk a lot about this project and finally all is ready to pop.
First off, the schedule! 

Every Monday we are going to post: Modest outfits!

  • Celebrities daily look
  • Runway
  • Red Carpets
  • Personal photos or Mormon Fashion Bloggers.
Tuesday you will love our videos about: Missionaries talking about.. the mission. 
We're going to ask some questions to our elders that probably are going to help you with your preparation!

Wednesday on the blog: Girls tips!! (this is the most excited to me, I have to say)

  • Makeup
  • Hair
  • Nails
  • Accesories
Thursday we will be honor to talk about: MUSIC. Yep, music! everyone loves music even a missionary that why we are going to help you choosing the music you will enjoy on the field.

Every Friday here you will see: Funny video! We know that you love to laugh out loud so here we are to make your fridays funniest as ever.

Saturday on this same channel: Study Tips. 

  • Preach my Gospel
  • Scriture Study
  • whatever you want to learn.
And last but not least Sunday: Strenght for the youth! We're going to search for some quotes about every theme and scriptures, that kind of things that you'll LOVE.

Love, Claudia and Debby

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