12 abr. 2013

Mission Outfits!

Claudia & Debby

3 abr. 2013

Missionary tip!

We know that when you are a Missionary you have no time for anything.
That's why we want to share with you our little secret about how to dry your nails faster!
Enjoy & comment it.

Claudia & Debby

29 mar. 2013

Mission Outfits

Hey girls! Today we're happy to show you the outfits we created for all the future sisters!
Here's a pday one and another one who is a little bit classy but so basic.
Hope you like it.

Enjoy & comment it :*
Claudia & Debby

26 mar. 2013

Interview to The Lady Lena

This week we had the opportunity to interview this lovely girl, we fell in love with her immediately.
She's so kind and stylish that you can't resist. We're sure that she'll be an amazing missionary!

Claudia & Debby

22 mar. 2013

Stuff Mormons Say

Today is friday and you know what that mean, Yep, Funny Videos that only the Mormons can understand lol. 
I'm in love with Joseph Sim so I hope you fall in love too. Go for something to eat, sit on a comfortable chair and prepare for laugh until die.

21 mar. 2013

Music for your mission!

We love this group.

"The six members of Eclipse originally met while performing in a public relatios/amassador-oriented group that was part of the departament of Programs and Entertainment at Utah State University. They began by arranging their own vocal covers of popular songs and performing them on campus and in the Logan area. Increasing public interest and performance opportunities led to the recording of their first album, "Once", which was released in April 2001".


Fashion Modest

Hey girls, as you know today's fashion day!! Woot Woot! We've been looking for a famous with style on the red carpet so here's Kelly Osbourne.
These dresses are like to die for! just look at them.
If you're looking a dress for your prom keep these in mind because they are so PRETTY, modest and fashionable at the same time, everyone are going to love it.

17 mar. 2013

For The Strength of Youth

“I encourage every young man and every young woman to get acquainted with Preach My Gospel. Young people have the obligation to enlighten themselves, to understand for themselves the doctrines of the Restoration. That preparation is every bit as important for a girl as it is for a boy.

Whether the young woman gets married or serves a full-time mission, the gospel has to operate in her life. Youth ought to get acquainted with what goes on in missionary work. They would find it helpful, if possible, to assist the missionaries and get a feel for the work.
I also recommend that youth study and follow the guidelines in For the Strength of Youth. Missionaries need to be morally clean and spiritually ready. If they live the principles in For the Strength of Youth, they will be spiritually prepared to be great missionaries”. M. Russel Ballard (New Era, March 2007)

16 mar. 2013

Study tips

1. Pray before Study
2. Pencils with diferent colors to mark your favorites scriptures, words that are importat, etc.
3. Be focus!
4. Always have snacks by your side, if you're always going to the kitchen and then come back to study
the spirit go away and you can't study without the help of our little friend! ;)
5. Stay away from noises.

Claudia & Debby

14 mar. 2013

Music for your mission!

I'm so sorry but yesterday we've no light so we couldn't unpload anything!
This cover is just a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I know you'll love it much as I did.
"The lower lights - There's sunshine in my soul today"

Claudia & Debby

11 mar. 2013

Fashion Modest

As you know today is Monday so we're going to talk about... fashion, that's right!
This is one of the most important things that we know you care about. So, today we're
going to talk about our favorite Mormon Fashion Blogger. We're very excited for this 
because we love fashion and we know you too. Here's Sydney! She's lovely, her style
is simple classy and all that kind of stuff, so she is one of my referents 
at the time to choose clothes for my mission. Her blog is this, so now lets get see some 
cute outfits.

Claudia & Debby

10 mar. 2013

For the Strength of Youth

Alma 3735 
O, remember my son and learn wisdom in thy youth; yea, learn in thy youth to keep the commandments of God

First Presidency
"OUR DEAR YOUNG MEN AND YOUNG WOMEN, we have great confidence in you. You are beloved sons and daughters of God and He is mindful of you. You have come to earth at a time of great opportunities and also of great challenges. The standards in this booklet will help you with the important choices you are making now and will yet make in the future. We promise that as you keep the covenants you have made and these standards, you will be blessed with the companionship of the Holy Ghost, your faith and testimony will grow stronger, and you will enjoy increasing happiness".

9 mar. 2013

Hey there!

We're Claudia and Debby, and this is our new project! Yes, Becoming a Missionary project, we want to help YOU in your preparation. Here you'll find some cool stuff.
We have been talk a lot about this project and finally all is ready to pop.
First off, the schedule! 

Every Monday we are going to post: Modest outfits!

  • Celebrities daily look
  • Runway
  • Red Carpets
  • Personal photos or Mormon Fashion Bloggers.
Tuesday you will love our videos about: Missionaries talking about.. the mission. 
We're going to ask some questions to our elders that probably are going to help you with your preparation!

Wednesday on the blog: Girls tips!! (this is the most excited to me, I have to say)

  • Makeup
  • Hair
  • Nails
  • Accesories
Thursday we will be honor to talk about: MUSIC. Yep, music! everyone loves music even a missionary that why we are going to help you choosing the music you will enjoy on the field.

Every Friday here you will see: Funny video! We know that you love to laugh out loud so here we are to make your fridays funniest as ever.

Saturday on this same channel: Study Tips. 

  • Preach my Gospel
  • Scriture Study
  • whatever you want to learn.
And last but not least Sunday: Strenght for the youth! We're going to search for some quotes about every theme and scriptures, that kind of things that you'll LOVE.

Love, Claudia and Debby